Friday, May 13, 2011

A Symbol of Memphis, Tenn.,-"The Mid-South Coliseum"

"The Mid-South Coliseum is a symbol of Memphis, Tenn., just like The Pyramid, Mud-Island or Graceland. So why in the world, would anyone want to tear it down?"-Galen A. Smith Sr.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Evil Does Exist: The Gruesome Details Are Out On The Jamie Stice Murder In Bowling Green, Ky.

I would dare say that most Southcentral Kentuckians were stunned and shocked when they first heard about the recent murder and fetal abduction of 21 year-old Jamie Stice of Bowling Green, Ky., last month, April 13, 2011.
The now indicted murderer who sits in the Warren County Regional Jail in Bowling Green, is 33 year-old Kathy Coy of Morgantown, Ky., a small town about 25 miles north of Bowling Green off the William Natcher Parkway. There was talk around town for about a week about the gruesome details of Coy's horrendous act that had leaked out to the public but had not "officially" been released to the press about what had exactly had happened. People who were talking, were people who knew someone who worked at The Medical Center at Bowling Green and so on. Or someone was friends with someone who was friends with Jamie Stice or one of her family members, that were talking. Bowling Green is a growing town indeed. However, Bowling Green is still a small enough city where a large portion of the population still know each other. Especially those were born and raised here or who have lived here for 20 years or more such as myself and my family, know a lot of people through work, church or community/civic activities. The terrible sad news is that Jamie Stice is deceased and is already buried. The good news is that the baby survived the ordeal when Jamie was almost eight months pregnant with him.

First of all, I commend the Kentucky State Police on how they handled the murder and were quickly able to get to the bottom of this horrible and gruesome murder and abduction of the baby. Originally, the KSP officially released very few details to the press and the public in order to probably protect the building of the murder case and the family. They were also waiting for the autopsy report from the Kentucky State Medical Examiner's office in Louisville. Also, I applaud Warren County Coroner, Kevin Kirby for also being reserved with the gruesome details of Jamie's murder. Kirby who's family has been in the funeral home business in Bowling Green and Warren County for years, sincerely knows how to deal with loved ones emotions and feelings especially in these types of delicate situations.

Ever since the gruesome details of the murder have been published in our local newspaper, the Bowling Green Daily News and broadcasted on our local television station, WBKO, have found this story to be very disturbing and haunting. According to previous Bowling Green Daily News news stories, Coy befriended Stice three weeks on Facebook prior to the murder. She knew that Stice was pregnant and lead Stice and her mother to believe that she was going to help them buy some baby clothes and etc. Coy was also telling her family, friends and other people that she was also pregnant. On the day of the murder, Coy had driven Stice mother to a place so she could sign up for disability. Then she went back and picked up Stice under the guise that she was going to buy her baby clothes. Instead, she drove her out in the county, bound her wrists, used a stun gun on her and then slit her throat with a drywall knife. Then Coy disemboweled Stice as her baby boy had been cut from her body with the umbilical cord, uterus and two ovaries attached to him. Coy then showed up at friend's house in Butler County, where Morgantown is located, with the baby in this condition as she told the friend that she had just given birth to the baby.

In a Bowling Green News front page article titled "Fetal Abductions 'Eerily Similar'" published today, May 1, 2011, it says that Coy wasn't wearing any pants when she arrived at her friend's house.

"Coy wasn't wearing pants when she arrived at Shelly Lindsey's driveway, April 13, according to police court testimony. She was sitting on the placenta and other female organs inside her car while the baby in her arms. Coy was honking the horn, Lindsey came out and called for an ambulance when Coy announced she had just given birth. Coy got out of the car holding the baby boy. His mother's reproductive organs where still attached."

The article goes on to report that, "Coy asked her friend to snap a picture of the baby and send it to her "husband" Shannon Coy, who was working out of town. He received the text message with the picture, according to court testimonies." However, Coy and Shannon Coy were no longer married and was trying to make a go at the former relationship by stating that she was pregnant. Coy had also even asked her 13 year-old daughter and 14 year-old son to help commit the murder but they had refused.

The Bowling Green Daily News had also reported in earlier news articles that Coy showed up at The Medical Center at Bowling Green around 7 p.m. April 13 with the baby, uterus, placenta and ovaries in a bucket. At the time it wasn't clear if she arrived in an ambulance. It was also revealed that medical staff at the hospital reported a suspicious birth to the Kentucky State Police. Coy was then taken to the KSP headquarters where she originally told them that she purchased the baby after she realized that she had been caught. Apparently, after an all nighter of interrogations, Stice's body was found outside of Bowling Green off U.S. 68-Ky. 80 highway in some woods near Oakland, Ky., around 4 a.m. the next morning.

Regardless of whatever the motivation for this senseless, tragic murder of a young mother to be, this was an act of "pure evil" to the highest degree. And regardless if Coy is mentally ill, crazy and insane, I still find this murder haunting and repulsive. And I do believe no matter how gruesome the details of this murder is, the press has a right to do their job of investigating the facts and report them to the public. On the other hand, I do respect the privacy of the Stice family as they have a right to grieve quietly and not be bothered. And again, I give kudos on how the case handled very thorough and delicately by the KSP and the the Warren County Coroner. Now it will be up to a judge and jury on how do deal with this evil that does exits in our part of the state.