Sunday, March 3, 2019

America's Bud Light Cult Following: Frat Parties In The 80's, 2019 Super Bowl Ads And No Corn Syrup

    When Bud Light first hit the market in 1982 in its early days of introduction to the world,  I remember a lot of frat parties in the 80's at Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss., where the new fantastic and great tasting light beer was being served to guzzling college students playing beer games using a keg, a pump and a black hose with that little handheld flexible tap.

     According to USA Today, Budweiser's Bud Light is the number one selling beer in America these days with about 33 million barrels shipped a year. It's not just for your average, run of the mill for the beer guzzling frat boy anymore.  Oh no, it's much, much bigger than that.
    Just about everywhere you go nowadays-grocery stores, convenient stores, liquors stores, restaurants, bars, small sporting events and at the one of the biggest events in the world such as the NFL's Super Bowl with millions and millions of viewers watching on television.  And TV ads for the big event costs a sponsor such as Bud Light,  millions and millions of dollars for a 30 second spot.

 Bud Light was one of the major sponsor for this years Super Bowl in February with some memorable ads stressing the fact that they use "No Corn Syrup" in order to make their beer where some of the major other light beers do such as  "Miller Lite," and "Coors Light." Wow, earth shattering news, right! Lol.

 Also, Bud Light, the industry giant and leader, is the first to promote their new policy of labeling Bud Light boxes with nutrition and ingredient labels as a leader of the pack that shoots them even further into the stratosphere of the beer world. The nutritional labels are hard to miss: they are bold, black and white, and big. They're the same type of labels you see in other food categories.

   Most of us who watched the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams, probably thought the game was pretty much a bore.  I did somewhat but what I remember about it the most was the Bud Light commercials.  I think the ads worked on me because now I know the beer has no corn syrup in it!