Saturday, June 27, 2015

There's Always Room For Improvement And I'm Still Trying To Perfect It

"I am not offended by gay people, gay couples, gay marriages, the gay pride flag, people of other races and other nations nor the Rebel flag, Southern heritage, the American flag, American heritage, traditional couples and traditional marriages. I am also not offended by religious people, religious couples, religious families and homes, churches and other places of worship. I treat others as they treat me. I don't always turn the other cheek and I have been known to stand my ground and take people to task. But on the other hand, I can be kind to people and accept them for who they are. In most cases, I do. But I do have a problem with dangerous, drug addicted criminals, mental and disturbed violent people who want to hurt or kill other people just for the hell of it or steal from them for their  addiction problems. Or people who abuse children. And I have a problem with people who want to kill Christian Americans because they have an extreme religious belief system. However, I view myself as a child of God and a Catholic who is a sinner just as much as my fellow man. There's always room for improvement and I'm still trying to perfect
it."-Galen A. Smith Sr.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

White Squirrel Brewery in Bowling Green, Ky., Is The Da' Bomb!

     I've been meaning to get over to Broadway Avenue across the street from the Firestone Tire store in Bowling Green and try the new White Squirrel Brewery every since it opened almost three weeks ago.  Apparently, word of mouth has spread like wildfire and this place is hot! Finally, Patty (my wife) and I got a chance make it over there last night for dinner.  After all its target audience marketing and hype build-up on the social media sites and in our local newspapers and the publicity on our local television station beforehand, it's true-this place is Da' Bomb!
The White Squirrel Logo
The Very Cool Bar Area
     When Patty and I walked in around 5 p.m., fortunately there was no waiting in line for a table.  We immediately saw Sean Stevens, one of the owners and "Hop Hustler" and Joe Imel, Director of Media Operations of the Bowling Green Daily News and who has his own Twitter account called "@Joeimel" with over 26,000 followers where he reports what he hears on the police scanner.  Sean is a super friendly guy with a very charismatic personality. I went over said, "Hello" to Sean and Joe and shook their hands.  Then the hostess showed us our table right up front in the room next to the bar.  Patty sat on a long, high back wood bench with a pillow behind her. And I sat at a chair on the other side of the table.  Our server's name was Josh, a very nice and cool guy. Josh brought us two separate food and craft beer/wine menus.  He asked what we would like to have to drink and I ordered one of their own micro-brewed beers called the "White Squirrel Pale Ale - Nuts, We're Out!" which was a "IPA/APA hybrid that owns a good balance of malt and hops, fruity esters, hop bitterness is moderate with a floral nose. ABV: 6.1%."  Patty ordered a white wine of "Woodwork Chardonnay."  As we were waiting for our drinks, I noticed that the atmosphere was very warm and cozy with light lighting and music in the background with light blue wood panels on the walls with black ceilings and some cool concrete floors.  Also, there's a very nicely decorated and private patio area with metal tables and chairs and another dining in a lower area with big windows where you can look out onto the patio. The energetic vibe is very trendy and the bar has a lot of fancy wood and metal work with very nice, cool lighting above. Also, you can see the White Squirrel emblem or logo in several places throughout the brewery restaurant. Besides their own micro brews, there's several other beers on taps such Southern Tier, Tin Man-Overlord, Blue Point-Blueberry Ale and Carson's Red Dawn - Amber Wheat.  Of course, there's an assortment of bottled and can beer also.  One of my favorite things about the bar is the stuffed white squirrel in a cage hanging in the corner.  You can turn a knob at the bar that's attached to an antique truck horn via the ropes and pulleys on the ceiling causes the cage door to open and close while making a a cool, squeaking noise.
A Very Nice Patio Area
A Stuffed White Squirrel In A Cage
     But wow, the food!  You should see the menu.  They offer "Kick Starters" or appetizers such as Nut Brown Beer Cheese, Crispy Kale Chips, Pork Belly, Smoked Wings and Edamame among other offerings.  However, Patty and I just settled for the main course.  I had a Beef & Brat Burger with house sauerkraut, Dijon mayo, Swiss cheese served on an English muffin with Crispy Kale Chips and some awesome Kale Chip sauce.  Patty had the Fried Chicken Tender Salad with mixed greens, apples, bacon, onion, toasted pecans and honey Dijon dressing.  You can request grilled chicken and that's what she did.  Another interesting burger that I thought about trying was the "Beer Belly," which is pork belly, pickled green tomatoes, leaf lettuce, smoked paprika mayo and sourdough. Besides burgers and salads they also offer pizza and a section called, "Harvest." In the Harvest section you find items like Duck Fried Poutine which is duck fat fries, bacon mozzarella cheese, shredded duck confit and apple gravy or the Southern favorite that's especially popular in Nashville where it was created called "Hot Chicken" which is cayenne rubbed chicken, toasted sourdough and house-made sour pickles.  As far as desserts goes, Josh had offered us something that was very sweet and tempting but we declined because we were stuffed already.  They offer a Fudge Brownie salted with caramel and apple-wood smoked bacon or a Stout Beer Float with a seasonal stout and vanilla bean ice cream.  And oh, by the way, underneath it states of the menu, you must be at least 21.  Not one for the the kiddos, parents. lol.
Hops Waiting To Be Brewed
    If you ever are in Bowling Green, the White Squirrell Brewery is a must stop and eat and drink destination for their awesome brews, food and atmosphere.  Make sure you get there early because by the time Patty and I left around 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night this place was hopping with guests waiting outside. Bowling Green was ready for a micro-brewery/restaurant and now the White Squirrel has arrived!
White Squirrel Brewery, 871 Broadway, Bowling Green, Ky., 42101
Open – Tuesday-Saturday – 4 pm-?
Indoor Seating/Bar Seating
Patio Seating – Weather Permitting
Three Local Taps – Kolsch, Brown Ale, and Pale Ale