Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sinkhole at The National Corvette Museum In Bowling Green, Ky., That Causes Floor To Collapse Becomes A Global News Phenomenal

     I am amazed how the story of a floor collapse underneath the Big Yellow Dome at Bowling Green's National Corvette Museum that swallowed eight Corvettes in Bowling Green early this morning has become world-wide news phenomenal.
      The story has spread like wild fire thanks to social media and other news media outlets like cable television news and radio.  I have even posted and retweeted things about it on Facebook and Twitter just about all day myself.  There were news reports from USA Today, CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, NPR, BBC, New York Times
and LA Times just to name a few.  I posted a Tweet today that said, "Who broke the story? WBKO news? (Our local television station.  That's where I first saw it on Facebook.)  However, one of my friends stated that she figured Joe Imel, the digital media director at the Bowling Green Daily News, most likely broke the story.  I agreed with her.  Joe Imel or joeimel@joeimel on Twitter has 16,400 followers.  He constantly listens to the police scanner and is usually the first to break all types of police and disaster news in the Bowling Green and Southcentral Kentucky communities.  He is a very dedicated photographer and journalist. Looking back on Joe's Twitter account today, it looks like he received an early morning Tweet from Bowling Green fireman, Matt Helms@fireman2915 "Floor collaspe at the big yellow dome at the national Corvette museum @joeimel."  Then Joe, retweeted, "BGFD staged at NCM for sink hole that swallowed up 6#Corvette on display in dome area More at on this breaking story."  Apparently, Matt and Joe broke the story which has now become a global news story. Great job guys!