Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sleeper Agent, An Indie Rock Band From Bowling Green, Ky.

A short video of some pics of Sleeper Agent, an indie rock band from Bowling Green, Ky., on stage and with their fans and family members backstage,  who's hit songs include "Get It Daddy," "Get Burned" and "That's My Baby" off the debut album album, "Celebrasion" on the Mom + Pop record label that came in September of 2011.  To find out out more about Sleeper Agent go to their web-site at (The background music is this video is "2nd Try" by Supegarage.)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bowling Green Music Scene Video

This a short little video to the Bowling Green Music Scene and it's sonic boom that has been heard around the world these last few years.  With Bowling Green indie rock bands such Cage The Elephant and Sleeper Agent, we have been in the spotlight in the world of rock music featured in national publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin and USA Today among many others as well as videos, video games, movies and talk shows. Thanks to the hundreds of people including BG Classic Rock D93 WDNS, Bowling Green Daily News, "The Amplifier" and the world famous famous BG music venue, "Tidballs" have helped make the Bowling Green Music Scene is what it is today.  Thank you very much to all.  We look forward to 2013 and may the New Year bring many more good fortunes!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alex and Tony of Sleeper Agent Are Now Officially Engaged!

Please read this short little news story about my son, Tony Smith and his girl friend, Alex Kandel from Bowling Green, Ky.'s indie rock band "Sleeper Agent"  that was published in the Bowling Green Daily New's "The Amplifier." This pretty much says it all! Thanks to Kim Mason of "The Amplifier!"