Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate Candidate, Dr. Rand Paul, Has Been A Watch Dog Of Your Tax Dollars For Years

He is sharp. He is smart. He is extremely articulate and his knows his stuff. This man knows what he is talking about when it comes to the government spending your hard earned tax dollars. Kentucky Republican U.S. Senate Candidate has been a watch dog of how your American tax dollars have been spent for years.

I know this personally because he is a friend of mine. I first met Dr. Paul, MD., an eye doctor and surgeon, when he first came to Bowling Green, Ky., (population 65,000) to work for Dr. John Downing, another eye doctor and surgeon, in the nineties. My wife went to work for Dr. Downing in 1995. My wife told Dr. Paul that I was former reporter for the "Bowling Green Daily News," and he told her that he was interested in talking to me about something. When I first met him, I was impressed with his good natured personality and his extreme intelligence. He informed me that he was chairman and founder of the "Kentucky Taxpayers United," and that he would like to know if I would be interested in helping him with the organization. I asked him what it was about and I then gave him a little background about my journalist endeavors of the past. I told him that I would be glad to help him out with some public relations in the organization. He was pleased with my response. I suggested that we do a local television talk show since I was already doing another talk show in Bowling Green at the time called, "Writer's Corner."

We taped three shows called, "Eye On Taxes" at the local cable company and on the last show we interviewed the newly elected mayor of Bowling Green at the time. I even rode with Dr. Paul to Russellville, Ky., one time to his wife's hometown, which is about 30 miles west of Bowling Green, to see him speak to a local Lion's Club group about Kentucky Taxpayers United. I was also an invited guest to meet and have dinner his father, Dr. Ron Paul, a Texas congressman, along with his mother, Mrs. Paul, at a Bowling Green Chinese restaurant. I have also been to Dr. Paul's home several times on business and personal visits such as a Christmas party that was once held at his house for the office and staff of Dr. Downing's. Kelly, his wife, is a super nice, friendly lady as well an excellent wife and mother. At the time, Dr. Paul's children were very small. Now, all three boys are practically grown.

Dr. Paul is a solid doctor, husband, father, Christian and family man. He will make a solid politician also. It was great to see him again after a couple years at the recent Tea Party Rally in Bowling Green. Of course, he remembered me and shook my hand several times. I had a chance to say "Hello," to Kelly also. She still has her super, friendly smile as always. Dr. Paul gave one hell of a speech and I strongly feel that he is going to win the election on November 2, against Democrat candidate Jack Conway.

In a recent mailing, Dr. Paul states, "I want to go to Washington because Washington is BROKEN. The system is corrupt and steals our freedom and tax dollars. I will go to fight for balance budgets and term limits. I will fight everyday for the Constitution, to return our country to the sound principals upon which it was founded. I will look at EVERY federal agency and regulation to see if it is Constitutional and whether we can afford to keep doing it."

Believe me, Dr. Paul, will get the job done in Washington. He means business because he has been watching your tax dollars for years. And if elected, he will make sure that every one of your tax dollars is spent wisely and not wasted, I can assure you of that.