Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Young Classic Rock/Led Zeppelin Retro Sounding Band: Michigan's Greta Van Fleet Is Causing Black Smoke To Rise Everywhere

   I was at a Pizza Hut in Bowling Green recently and I struck up a conversation about music with a young man who was listening to Pearl Jam while he worked.
He said he really loved the sound of Eddie Vedder's voice, the lead singer of the band, and we talked about the fact that this young man was also a musician. Then he pulled out his iPhone and showed me a Youtube video of new young rock band who is exploding on the music scene currently called "Greta Van Fleet" and they hail from Michigan.
    I was blown away by the video who showed me especially since I am a baby boomer and I love classic rock and Led Zeppelin like millions of other people do in the world.  Greta Van Fleet formed in 2012 and they have that incredible sound of classic rock/Led Zeppelin to be exact and to be such a young musicians in my opinion.  Their style of music appears to us old timers especially.  Even the lead singer sounds exactly a young Robert Plant.  They have apparently tapped into a unique music niche market in order appeal to the masses of all age groups with their sound, music and style.
      The band members are Josh Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, and Danny Wagner and in April of this year, the band released their debut studio digital EP on iTunes called, "Black Smoke Rising."  The debut single, "Highway Tune," has topped the Billboard US Mainstream and Active Rock stations this past September. Currently,  Greta Van Fleet is touring the country to sold out clubs and venues everywhere. 
      It appears that if Greta Van Fleet keeps stoking the fires that's causing black smoke to rise everywhere, they will stay on a fast track to fast fame and fortune.  They will go far in this brave, new digital world that we live in if they keep it up.  Greta Van Fleet's already quick success on the internet and in the social media realm of the globe, kind of reminds me of Van Halen's fast rise to world-wide recognition and instant riches in the late 70's during the vinyl record and analog recording days of that time era.  Great Van Fleet better fasten their seat belts because it looks like they are in for one hell of a ride!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

President Trump At His Best During One Of The Worst Days In America After Vegas Mass Shooting

I think most of us in America as well as those around the world were probably shocked when saw the news yesterday morning when we woke up that over 50 people were slaughtered by a lone gunman shooting out of a Las Vegas hotel room with rapid fire at a Jason Aldean's outdoor country music concert on Sunday night.
    We were dumbfounded and thinking, "What the hell is going on?"  We were all searching for a meaning that such a horrible and senseless act of evil could take place in a place like "Vegas" where everybody is suppose to have fun and a good time.  The shooter, Stephen Paddock, 64, ended up killing 59 people and wounded over 500 more at the country music festival near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino where the shooter had a room and where he was shooting from.  Police stormed his 32nd floor hotel room and found that he had killed himself after committing the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
 However, a lot of us found comfort in President Trump's speech about the tragedy during his speech at the White House yesterday whether you watched it on television or on the internet. I watched President Trump's speech yesterday evening on Youtube (see video posted below).  In spite of President Trump's flaws and character defects, he is a man of conviction, passion and a believer and not afraid to use the words, "God, love, prayer, care" in his sentences. This is the kind of leader we need during times like these. He gives us hope for America and a feeling of security regardless of what's going on in the world.  After President Trump visit to hurricane devastated Puerto Rico today and he will fly to Las Vegas to visit with the victims and family members of the mass shooting on Wednesday.  We pray for all the innocent concert goers who lost their lives on Sunday night and for those who were injured.  We also pray for the victim's family members.  God Bless President Trump and America.