Saturday, April 30, 2016

Recent Bowling Green, Ky., Police Chase May Qualified For America'sDumbest Criminals Reality Show (If There Were Cameras Involved)

     Lately, it seems, we have been getting our fair share of crime spree headlines in our local newspaper and television stations here in Bowling Green. Besides two shootings this past week, where one person was killed and another one was flown via helicopter to a Nashville hospital and is in critical condition, I'd say the headline that grabbed my attention the most was a two-state police car chase involving multiple police forces that ended in downtown Bowling Green when Kentucky State Police used their cruisers to stop the fleeing car. It began Wednesday night around 9:30 p.m.. as a domestic violence call when Bret Chadick, 26, of Portland, Tenn., left the scene before police arrived. Apparently, one of the officers saw him en route and tried conduct a traffic stop on him but he ran.
Bret Chadick, Warren County Regional Jail

     Chadick, the dumbass criminal is facing numerous felony charges in Kentucky and domestic assault offenses in Tennessee. According to police reports this jerk has been in trouble a lot down in Tennessee where he has been involved in domestic disputes and public drunkenness. One officer was even quoted in the Bowling Green Daily News as saying, "I know our officers have dealt with him quite a bit. He considered a frequent flyers for us."

     According to a Bowling Green Daily News story written by crime beat reporter, Deborah Highland, Chadick was driving a BMW and the chase was picked up by city police in White House, Tenn. Kentucky State Police said he "was covered in blood" when Portland Police started the chase.

Also in the story it says, Kentucky found the vehicle traveling north on Interstate 65 near mile marker 5. when Kentucky State Police attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver continued to run and led officers through Simpson and Warren counties before the chase ended in downtown Bowling Green. Chadick struck multiple police cruisers during the chase and driving at a high speed in an attempt to get away, according to a Kentucky State Police release. Tire deflation devices were used in Bowling Green in order to stop him, but the chase ended when a trooper conducted a pit maneuver to cause the car to spin and another trooper used his cruiser to block Chadick from being able to run any further.
Bowling Green Daily News Photo

      Now I am curious to know if there were cameras in involved. I'm sure there are cameras on all of the police cruisers these days and if so, surely the footage will be used against Chadick as evidence in court. Who knows? This car chase may even show may qualify for America's Dumbest Criminals reality show one day. I'm just glad to know that no one was seriously injured or hurt.  Thank God for our awesome police forces in the region! We appreciate the wonderful work that they do protecting and serving our communities. Obviously, Chadick is a one dumbass criminal because everyone knows you can't outrun the law!