Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CFS Satire: Top Ten Ways To Get Across The Blocked CSX Railroad Crossing At Emmett Avenue And Creason Street in Bowling Green, Ky.

(Disclaimer: These ways are for satirical purposes only.  Please not attempt any of these ideas.)

10.) Call 911 and have The Medical Center AirEvac Lifeteam Air Ambulance pick you up and fly you across. Worry about paying the astronomical high cost bill later on.  But don't wait too long, you might get sued.

9.) Pole vault across. You can borrow a pole vault stick from WKU's track team down the street on campus.

8.) Become a human cannon ball and have someone shoot you out of cannon across the tracks.

7.) Dig a tunnel underneath like the illegal Mexicans do at the boarder.

6.) Contract a crane from Western Kentucky Crane to lift you up and carry you across.

5.) Have someone with a large drone that is able to lift over 200 lbs pick you up and fly you across.

4.) Stand at the tracks naked and have the Bowling Green Police Department pick you up and somehow get you to the other side in order to drive you to Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville or the Sixth Floor at The Medical Center at Bowling Green for a 48 hour observation.

3.) Stand outside at night waving your hands, hoping that an alien space craft will pick you up and take you to the other side.  Just watch out for that anal probe though.

2.)  Hold up sign like a homeless person.  Instead of asking for money, beg the engineer to back the train up and let you across.

1.) Build a ramp and jump across on your motorcycle, bicycle or car, Evil Knievel style!