Thursday, October 11, 2018

The "Facebook War Of Words": 10 Things You Can Do To Avoid From Getting Into One

     In December of this year, I will be on Facebook for 10 years now.  Yes, I know, Facebook is a love hate/thing in most everybody's lives these days.
     Let's admit it, Facebook is an addiction.  It has become a part of our daily lives.  When we wake up in the morning and drink our coffee, we are looking at it.  When we take our lunch break, we are looking at it.  And when we get off work, we are looking at it.  And when we are off work on the weekends, we are looking at it.  This is how we keep up with our current friends, former classmates, acquaintances in the community and our friends from the past that we no longer see.  And course, there are the family members too.  And most of us are even getting the latest news and what's happening in the world too from Facebook.
   But nowadays, because the world has become so divided on issues in politics, religion and lifestyles that a lot people have grown to argue on Facebook and have become very good at it.  I have to admit that I have fallen for it a couple of times through the years especially during the 2016 Presidential Election and regarding a recent incident at my Alma Mater at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  Yes, I got into a "Facebook War of Words" argument. 
    It's been proven by scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists because our brains are wired genetically that goes back in our ancestry to the mainstream instinct of a survival mode.  It is known as one of the basic operations or primal instincts of our minds.  We are always on constant alert for danger in our lives and these are the two main mechanism in our brain that us navigate in this area of our lives.  It's called the "flight or fight" mode.
With Facebook, while sitting behind a desktop computer or iPhone in the comfort of our own home or car, we can easily jump into a "Facebook War of Words" without feeling physically threatened or being physically attacked by not having the "flight" mode of our brains kick in.  Only the "fight" mode of our brains are in the works to where we just dig a hole deeper and deeper and it snowballs to a point that you start to feel sick and nauseated from the arguing with total strangers on Facebook. Usually, I end up being personally attacked with words, called names and labelled something by total strangers that I never even met before.  And vice versa. I'm guilty of it too. So, I hope to never to get involved into another war of words on Facebook again.  It's senseless and stupid! Just stop it!  You're not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by it and you are just wasting your time and energy.  Use Facebook to keep up with friends and family. Just try to keep your time spent on Facebook light and if possible.  It's a social network, remember? With that being said, here's 10 things can do to avoid jumping into a "Facebook War of Words." Good luck my friends!

1.)  Just scroll past controversial subjects on your newsfeed and don't post a comment.  Or just ignore it completely by not even reading the post.

2.) If the controversial subjects persists, "unfollow" the poster.  Or you can at least "Hide" the poster for 30 days.

3.)  If the poster, keeps on posting these controversial subjects, just completely "block" him or her.

4.) If someone attacks you for posting a comment on a subject, you can "unfollow" them.

5.) If someone attacks keeps attacking you even after you "unfollow" them or if it's a total stranger from out of the blue, then just "block" them.

6.) Post lots of pictures of trips and vacations.  Everybody likes looking at those!

7.) Post lots pictures and videos of puppies and doggies (Everybody loves puppies and doggies these days too!)

8.) Take off the news outlets or sources on your Facebook page so that you won't be tempted to post a controversial subject.  However, you will still get the local and national news because your friends will still post these things.

9.) Post funny videos. (Everybody loves a good laugh!)

10.)  Just observe and don't comment.  If you're gut instinct, tells you that f you post something negative or controversial it will start a Facebook War of Words, then just don't do it.  Save yourself a lot of time and energy but not being negative.  Try to be positive at all times while on Facebook.  Let it been something of value in your life rather than being a detriment in your life.