Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sleeper Agent's Verizon Wireless Christmas Commercial 2013

     Several weeks ago Bowling Green, Ky.'s, alternative rock band, Sleeper Agent, recorded a demo of a cover version of a well known Christmas pop song, "Winter Wonderland," written in 1934 by Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyricist). Sleeper Agent's version was picked over two other band's demos. After having the song recorded song professionally in a studio in Nashville, Verizon Wireless initially liked the Sleeper Agent demo better, the one they had recorded themselves in their own practice room in Bowling Green. However, Sleeper Agent and Verizon Wireless met halfway and came to an agreement to use lead singer, Alex Kandell's professionally recorded vocals dubbed over the demo music. But at the last minute, Verizon Wireless decided to go ahead use the professional studio version for the commercial that is now airing on major television and radio networks across the country during this 2013 Christmas holiday shopping season according to band member, Tony Smith. Watch the video here: Also, if you would like a copy of the full version of the song, you can now purchase it on iTunes for only a $1.29.  Click here:

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sun Club Will Shine Its Light On Rocky's Bar In Downtown Bowling Green, Ky., Thursday Night, Nov. 14th.

   Since the Bowling Green Music Scene has gained national and international attention these last couple of years thanks to alternative rock bands with major record deals and touring schedules such as Cage The Elephant and Sleeper Agent, Bowling Green has become a destination point for other lesser known groups to play shows.
   One of those such bands is "Sun Club" from Baltimore, MD. and they will perform at Rocky's Bar located on Main Street in downtown Bowling Green, Thursday night, Nov. 14th. According to band member, Shane Justice McCord, said they have been playing for a while.
   "We formed out of the ashes of another band in 2012. Last year we toured down to SXSW, passing through Bowling Green and lots of other cities on the way. We've been constantly touring since and are releasing our debut EP in early January," McCord said.
   On their Bandcamp web-site they describe themselves as "Sun Club is a group of buddies playing happy music." You can also hear two songs of theirs called, "Beauty Meat" and "Language Juice, " on the site. To find out more about Sun Club, go to their Bandcamp or Facebook pages at and

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bowling Green, Ky's Alternative Rock Sensations, "Sleeper Agent" Announce New Album and Single

     For those of you who are signed up on Bowling Green, Ky's alternative rock sensations, "Sleeper Agent's" e-mail alerts on their web-site already, you probably saw where they announced yesterday the name of their new upcoming album on RCA Records, "About Last Night," and their new upcoming single, "Waves."

"Our new album, About Last Night, is finally on the horizon. Sleeper Agent has returned and is ready to get raw and cathartic with you. Over the last year songs poured out of us at a feverish pace. From the back bench in a van to total seclusion in the mountains of Kentucky, we grew closer, shared stories and turned them into what would become a labor of love, life and loss. Heavier in heart, heavier in sound; we couldn't be more thrilled to finally share this batch of 12 brand new songs with you. The beginning of 2014 marks a new beginning for Sleeper Agent as we kick off an extensive stateside tour with New Politics. In the weeks to come you’ll have your first taste with "Waves"accompanied with intimate visuals. We can’t wait to meet you all over again. Let’s make it count."

    According to the e-mail, the single will be out sometime this month (November) accompanied by a lyric video which will be posted on their web-site and the internet such as Vevo and Youtube.  Sleeper Agent will tour with the "New Politics" and "Magic Man" beginning Jan.14, 2014 in Houston, Texas.  They will also tour for one week in November starting on Nov. 22 in Nashville and ending up in Atlanta on Nov. 27. For more information regarding their new album and ticket sales for their upcoming tours, go to their web-site at  You can also signed up on their web-site to receive the e-mail alerts in order to get the latest news from Sleeper Agent.