Saturday, July 30, 2016

We, The Working Class People Of America, Should Vote Trump!

"I'm come to this conclusion. Even though we the working class people of this country people work ourselves to the bone, dedicated to our employers and our customers with our feet hurting and swelling when we get home, sweltering in the 100 degree and humid temperatures, we keep pressing on. We've given up about worrying about high grocery prices and noticing more taxes being deducted out of our paychecks. Our main goal is to work hard and provide for our families. And because we may
not be super wealthy, we know the truth that we don't have to lie and cheat the American people to obtain what we have like some people (Hillary) running for a high political office. It's doesn't matter how much education you have, how many sheepskins are on your wall or who you know, at least we can go to bed at night with a clear conscience and wake up in the morning with integrity and pride in our hearts, knowing that we carry the weight of the country on our shoulders all in a day's work. Vote Republican and Trump!"-Galen A. Smith Sr., Bowling Green, Ky.