Friday, May 13, 2011

A Symbol of Memphis, Tenn.,-"The Mid-South Coliseum"

"The Mid-South Coliseum is a symbol of Memphis, Tenn., just like The Pyramid, Mud-Island or Graceland. So why in the world, would anyone want to tear it down?"-Galen A. Smith Sr.


  1. The Mid-South Coliseum was the 1st integrated Memphis public events facility & was placed on The National Register of Historic Places in 2000. I believe some local Memphis leaders & citizens would regret it's loss in the future. Through viable adaptive reuse, The Coliseum could once again bring Memphians together & be a source of civic unity & pride. Also, The Coliseum & The Liberty Bowl were built at the same time & have always complemented each other. It seems unthinkable to see either facility standing without the other in it's shadow.

  2. No the Ellis Auditorium was the first thanks to pro wrestler Sputnik Monroe. The MSC does have a part is racial history in Memphis. It is the location where Memphis democrats met and had a convention to pick a single candidate to run against Dick Hackett and choose the former Superintendent of Memphis City Schools who was just forced out due to a sex scandal that ended up with tax payers having to pay off his mistress. But that will not be mentioned because when White Democrats showed up at the Convention they were turned away at the door and not allowed to enter.


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