Friday, December 24, 2010

My Favorite Scene From The Movie, "A Christmas Story"

Since Christmas is here again, I thought that I would like to write about my favorite all-time Christmas movie scene. If you have been a reader of my blogs very long, you might have guessed it already. It's the "Chinese Restaurant" scene in the movie, "A Christmas Story."
It's the story of a little boy named "Ralphie" who lives with his family in middle America back in the 1940's and all he wants for Christmas is a "Red Ryder BB gun." The whole movie revolves around this theme. The movie was made in 1983 and it's definitely become a family favorite and a classic Christmas movie this time of year. I can't tell you how many times through the years that I have watched this movie. My wife, son and I have always made it a tradition in our family to watch this movie together during this time of the year especially when our son was younger. Now that he is older and his interest are much different, it's kind of hard to get him to sit down and watch this kind of movie with his ole mom and dad.
Anyway, most importantly, as families do together at Christmas, they sit down at the table and have a Christmas dinner. This is what Ralphie and his family were getting ready to do in the movie. But while Ralphie's mother is preparing the Christmas meal and turkey, the neighbor's dogs somehow get in the house and eat their special holiday bird. So, Ralphie and his family end up going to eat at a Chinese Restaurant on Christmas day because everything else in town is probably closed. And what happens to make this particular scene of the movie really funny and endearing, is when the Chinese servers along with their boss gather their table and try to sing a certain Christmas carol to their American family customers. Instead of singing, "Deck the halls," in the correct way they sing it in their Chinese accents, "Deck tha halls with bows of faree, fa ra ra a ra a ra ra." And then they bring out a Chinese cooked Christmas duck to the table and chop its head off right off the neck, right in front of Ralphie and his family. It's a hilarious scene and probably very true at the same time. I can visualize that happening in real life at one time or another.
Believe it or not, my family and I have eaten Chinese food on Christmas day on several occasions. Usually, it was Christmas day night after all the Christmas ham and turkey has been eaten or we had grown tired of holiday food. So if your dog ever eats your Christmas turkey or ham on Christmas day, try a Chinese restaurant or Chinese take-out. However, just watch out for that Chinese Christmas turkey!

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