Saturday, November 20, 2010

The "World's Worst Comedian" Is Apparently From Bowling Green, Ky.

I was looking at Bowling Green, Ky., on Wikipedia the other day and I scrolled down to where it says, "Notable Persons From Bowling Green." And I came across the fellow by the name of "Darrell Bluett." I thought to myself, "Hmmm, I know of a Darrell Bluett and there's only one Darrell Bluett in Bowling Green that I know of and I actually know him." So when I clicked on his name and it showed that his name had been taken off as a link on Wikipedia. However, he is on a site called "Uncylopedia", my curiosity was peaked. Then I went to Google and typed his name and there it was-"Darrell Bluett, 'The World's Worst Comedian,'" on Youtube. When I typed his name into Youtube and played the video, "The World's Worst Comedian," I thought that Darrell was actually pretty funny and not that bad.

And can you believe it? This guy has had over a half million hits on Youtube! Although, Darrell Bluett maybe dubbed as the "World's Worst Comedian," he's getting a lot attention from people from all the world. Someone on the comments section claims that Darrell spent $10,000 to have the video made of himself doing his comedy skit. I don't know if that's true or not. However, I would like to know the story behind the video. Who made it and did he actually pay $10,000 to have the video made? Also, I would like to know who put it on Youtube and titled it the "World's Worst Comedian"? Did he or someone else do it?. There's a big story behind that scenario somewhere. If Darrell did pay $10,000 to have that video made, I don't think he got his money's worth because it's not really that good of quality. Also, Darrell is not the most articulate comedian when it comes to delivery of his comedy skit when it talks about a really fat woman at the Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green, women on a diet or the new birth control pill invented for men by the Japanese.

But nevertheless, I think Darrell gets his points across in the short video and I think he is kind of funny regardless. He seems kind of quirky. Perhaps, people think he's the "World's Worst Comedian" because of his style of delivery or because he sounds "Southern" or maybe they think he looks stupid or something. But what can you can say? He's got over a half million hits on Youtube and that must mean something! Yes, I think he should have a link on Bowling Green's Wikipedia page because he is notable person now and he's has brought us some more attention to our small, college town of 65,000 citizens in Southcentral Kentucky. Don't count this guy out, because we just might see more of this comedian in future. Regardless if he's the "World's Worst Comedian" or not, Darrell is still a notable person from Bowling Green.
Postscript: Later on in the day after I wrote this blog about Darrell, I found something else about him on internet that was on a Bowling Green publication called "The Amplifier's" web-site.
It's a real short piece where it talks about Darrell appearing on the "Comedy Central Channel." It seems that he was flown out to Hollywood, Calif., and they taped a brief segment where he gets advice from some comedians and does a short skit with Arsenio Hall.

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  1. I think Darell is marvelous!! People are quick critics, but how many of them have the intestinal fortitude to stand up in front of the world and showcase their talents?? Practice your gift Darrell!! God bless you!!!


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