Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Murder Of A Seven Year-Old Girl In Scottsville, Ky., And ISISTerrorists in Paris, France, Dominate The World-Wide News This Past Week

     Evil is lurking in the shadows of darkness even in the hills and valleys of a small town in Southcentral Kentucky.
     However, we never know when something incredible evil is going to strike and we as Americans these days are always hoping and praying that it does not happen to us.  Because after all, most of us are hardworking, taxpaying citizens of our cities, counties and states across the country.  I think most Americans feel like they are safe in this country to a certain degree.  Or least we hope so. But in the age of social media, most of us who are always connected to Facebook, Twitter and whatever else internet site is out there and we have developed a habit of venting.  We have become accustomed to expressing our opinions and views regarding of what's happening on a global, national or local level.  We are living in an age where a constant hit of dopamine to our brains has become an everyday occurrence on multi-levels while on our smart phones, iPads and desktop computers. We have become addicted to the "likes" of approval from our peers from these sites too. But sometimes we have Facebook friends who differ with us in our opinions which is okay, because after all there in a thing called, "Freedom of Speech" in America.  That's the way we like it and that's the way we want to keep it, right?
    But this past week was another one of those weeks, where the battle of opinions and the expression of views was a like an on-going 24 hour town hall debate that never stopped.  Millions of Facebook users including me had opinions and we expressed our views about ISIS in the world and the murders of the concert goers in Paris last Friday night. Also it was the war of words against the Syrian refugees between the liberals and the conservatives and the Obama administration for wanting to continue to allow Syrian refugees to keep coming in to America.  The voters of America got into action and started calling their congressmen's and senator's local offices to express their opinion against allowing these potential terrorists to come into our country.  A bill was passed in our government within a week and states across America banned them all together.
        Also, here in Southcentral Kentucky we were all exposed to the unthinkable, horrible news of the little girl who went missing at a little league football game at the high school in Scottsville, Ky., and her murdered body was found approximately 25 minutes later lying next to a creek in a wooded area next to the stadium. Fear struck the hearts and minds of  the small town residents with a population of 4,200 just southeast 25 miles of Bowling Green, Ky.  The murder of Gabbie Doolin has not only affected the residents of Southcentral Kentucky but the whole world it seems.  The kidnapping, rape, sodomy and murder of Gabbie according to Kentucky State Police (KSP) made world-wide news being portrayed on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX and thousands of other news outlets which include local, state,  national and global media including People Magazine.
      Fortunately, thanks to the extremely difficult and hard work of the Kentucky State Police and local authorities, they were able to make an arrest of the suspect.  His name is Timothy Madden, 38 years-old, father of five and an unemployed construction worker who also went to high school with Gabbi's father. According to sources, Madden was at the football game last Saturday night and even sat close to the family in the stands. Madden maintains that he is innocent but KSP say that they have DNA evidence that connects him to the crime scene and Gabbi's little body.  If Madden is guilty of this unspeakable murder, we certainly hope that justice will be served to the extreme.  However, some people seem to still wonder if they have the right man.  I suppose that will be up to a jury to determine.
     As a Americans, we must be vigilant.  Nowadays we live in a different world.  It's not like used to be in the 60's, 70's and even the 80's somewhat. We have to watch our backs and protects ourselves against any potential terrorists by vetting the refugees coming to our country. And we most definitely must watch our children always and protect them against child predators and sexual monsters.  We must always keep tabs on them and who they are with.  Keep the evil of darkness on your doorstep outside.  Protect yourself, your homes and families with a spirit of God, love, light and even a legal and registered gun if you have one.

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