Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus' Free "Peep Show" Exposed To Millions

Since everybody has been on the bandwagon and beating a dead horse since Monday on Facebook, Twitter and on the national and local news about Miley Cyrus' sexed crazed song and dance (twerk, I mean) routine on MTV's Sunday night video awards, I thought that I would beat the dead horse a little more on this blog and then hopefully I can put it to rest. I even complained on Facebook last night about it. "Ok, ok, enough about Miley. I'm burnt out already." But here's my last two cents worth on the free Miley "Peep Show" from some of my Facebook comments on one of my friend's post this morning.

" I thought it was embarrassing for her and her family. There's a place for these type of performances such as venues for mature audiences like paid admittance to theaters or shows and for paid cable channels like HBO. But not for non-premium channels like MTV. Think of the message that she sent to preteen girls. If I was the father of a preteen girl right now and she saw that, I think I would be a little concern. I think American has to try to maintain some of its values and dignity with our preteens."

"Sex sells and always has. But shock value seems the name of the game now in the cable channel wars. Like PT Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute." And I'm a sucker."

"It's all about the ratings these days with the cable channels which means survival and dollars in their bank accounts and for their stock holders. Anything goes now and they will stoop to new lows in the freak show business. The Mileys, Katys and Lady Gagas will all come and go just like the Madonnas did of our day in the eighties and nineties. No telling what the future holds. I heard on the radio this morning that there is a group or society of women who are petitioning that they should have the right to go topless just like men whenever they feel like it. I suppose I could live with that if they feel so free to do so."

"I agree. Just saying Madonna was a trail blazer for using her talent and sexiness to sell her millions of records and sold out concerts as a young pop star back then as and even as an older one these days. She tapped into that market-sex sells and shock value. (Like A Virgin, Papa Don't Preach and etc.)

" Not sure about Madonna being a role model though. Maybe on how to make tons of money."

And here is some of my posts on Monday about it.

"Usually big news events that are smeared in controversy like the O.J. Simpson trial can last for months or even a year or two. But I give the Miley MTV Video awards controversy less than a week."

"Katy Perry - Roar (Live VMA 2013)I have to admit that Katy Perry has a lot more class compared to some of the other pop stars."

"It's amazing how some young pop stars will stoop low for that shock value attention. I understand Miley even made an amateur porn video too a while back in order to keep up with the Joneses."

"Three words. 0h my god."

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