Sunday, August 18, 2013

Man Gets 28 Years For Making Meth In A Bowling Green, Ky., Motel

     As I sit here in a Arby's across the street from the Western Hills Motel at Morgantown and Russellville roads, I can't help but thinking about the story in the Bowling Green Daily News other day where a man got 28 years in prison for making meth in his room. The thought that occurs to me is that "Everything gets old and run down eventually."  Even when you try to fix up an old motel physically, you still need to manage it properly.  Maybe if that were the case, this would not have happened.  Who knows? This motel is apparently not what it used to be in it's glory days by looking at the post card posted below.  Just because somebody pays room rent, they still do not have a right to break the law and endanger the welfare of the community making these deadly, explosive substances in their motel room whether it's a newer, fancy hotel and an old, run down one.  And on the other hand, motel management regardless if they are Indian owned or not, these proprietors need to use a little common sense when renting to suspect guests. The Warren County Court system and jury has sent society a loud and clear message. Don't make meth especially in a motel room.  If you get caught, you will pay dearly like this guy did.

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