Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chancellor Dr. Dan Jones Is The Best Man For The Job At Ole Miss

"I have been thinking about the firing of Chancellor Dan Jones at Ole Miss recently. Yes, none of us probably like the new Black Bear mascot that replaced Colonel Reb or whatever Dr. Jones else has done to remove symbols of the old South or the ugly past of stale old racism at the university. However, for those who spent four or five years of our young lives at the university that helped mold us on who we are today to live in this modern high-tech and volatile world, I think deep down inside, we want what's best for Ole Miss and we want to see her keep moving forward to continue to be a world-class institution of higher learning no matter what a person's skin color, religion or sexual orientation is. So with that being said, it appears to me that Dr. Jones is the best man for the job from his past performance."-Galen A Smith Sr

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