Monday, February 9, 2015

Bowling Green's Cage The Elephant Continues To Bring World-Wide Attention To Southcentral Kentucky With Their Recent Grammy Nomination

"It's awesome to see that some of our local musicians such as Cage The Elephant have made an impact in the world of the music industry with their recent Grammy nomination, three albums and constant world-wide touring through the years. Not only have they and will continue to inspire other young musicians in Bowling Green and Southcentral Kentucky, they have also helped propel other BG bands get their start in their professional music careers in the industry such as SLEEPER/AGENT. Not to mention all the media attention that they have brought to our community and they have also help to produced our outdoor music music festival, "Starry Nights Music Festival." May we continue to sing Cage The Elephant's praises!"-Galen A. Smith Sr.

'BETTER AND BETTER'Grammy-nominated Cage the Elephant could inspire others

By Laura Wilson,

Bowling Green band Cage the Elephant didn’t win a Grammy on Sunday, but being nominated for the prestigious award brings the band recognition and could inspire other young musicians.

The band was nominated for best alternative album at the 57th annual Grammy Awards for its 2013 release “Melophobia.”

Though Cage the Elephant lost to St. Vincent at the awards ceremony, it was exciting to see the band nominated, local musician Tony Lindsey said.

“I think it’s just fantastic for a local band to be nominated for a Grammy,” he said. “ ... They’re very deserving. They’ve been in the trenches a long time.”

“Melophobia” shows the band’s at the forefront of alternative music, Lindsey said.

“It’s my favorite release that they’ve had so far, just commercial enough to appeal to a wide audience,” he said. “They just keep getting better and better.”

Cage the Elephant members Matt Shultz, Brad Shultz, Jared Champion and Daniel Tichenor grew up in Bowling Green and began their music career here, playing at local venues including Tidball’s, where they still perform occasionally. Since their breakout single “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” in 2009, the band has received national and international attention.

Lindsey believes their Grammy nomination will inspire other local bands.

“It will be a very positive thing for all the other young bands in the area to see what they can aspire to,” he said.

While in Los Angeles for the awards ceremony, Cage the Elephant members made their way around the city with various radio talk show hosts.

The band has performed on various nighttime talk shows, including “Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and at numerous music festivals, including Coachella and the Glastonbury Festival.

Cage the Elephant announced Jan. 23 that it’s working on its fourth album.

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