Monday, August 18, 2014

Learning From Kiss' Gene Simmon's Public Relations Disaster

"I hope Gene Simmons of the longstanding rock band "Kiss" learned a lesson. When you're a celebrity in the public eye and have been for years, anything you say these days in the media (which is automatically conveyed on over to social media in a heartbeat thus millions upon millions of people will read it) will spread like wildfire. Also, their words can be easily misconstrued whether he or she meant it or not. I like Gene and Kiss and still do. However, it seems that Gene's highly criticized news stories that he was quoted in about America's wealthiest 1% and people who have depression and suicide tendencies really bothered me.
In the event of Robin Williams recent suicide which made world-wide news was bad timing for Gene, it also appeared to me that Gene's ego was way out of control with a lack of humility towards his fellow man. I thought his comments were coming off very outlandish, going against the grain of average society, and were very destructive to the Kiss franchise and his business dealings and for his partner, Paul Stanley. Mainly, I thought it was bad publicity and public relations for everyone involved in the Kiss camp and the Kiss name brand at the tail end of their highly publicized and expensive 40th anniversary tour."-Galen A. Smith Sr.

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