Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kiss and The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum-Let's Hope For A Peaceful Induction

Okay, who's ready for the Kiss-(Gene has not said much) Paul, Peter, Ace and Rock & Hall of Fame finger pointing and taking jabs at each other in the press to be over with? My God, I hope they don't get up there tomorrow night and slug it out. Hopefully, they will act like true gentlemen and be respectful to each other while being inducted. Keep your fingers crossed, Rock and Roll lovers. However, you should at least pay one visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum before you die. You'll see and learn the true essence of the genre through the lenses of a cultural and historical perspective in America. I am glad that I went a couple years ago. And I understand that every person, musician or band that was chosen was for a good reason because they made sort sort of major contribution to Rock and Roll.

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