Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BG's Sleeper Agent's "About Last Night" Finally Out Today On RCA Records

      I was never a band dad where I pushed my son to be a musician or be in a rock band.  I thought that when he finished his college degree at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green in 2010 that he would get a job somewhere as a graphic artist because that's what he studied.  However, Tony Smith of Bowling Green's sensational indie rock/pop band, Sleeper Agent, who just happens to be my son found his own career path in life.  He started young at the age of 10 years-old.  He found the love of his life, the guitar. And started singing as a little boy, always singing a song and has always had a song in his heart.  His mother, Patty, played music as a young person.  She played piano and was in her high school marching band.  She has always sung around the house and she always knows the lyrics to songs.  Me? I always dreamed of being a rock star growing up in the 70's and 80's listening to a lot of rock music on eight tracks, cassettes and records and attended a lot of rock concerts. In the 80's, I watched a lot of MTV and VH1.  I also used to read a lot of rock music magazines and books.  And I still like to read the rock biographies.
     I've always been a writer of some sorts.  Not the best and not the worst.  I've been told by some that I have talent for writing.  So I suppose, with the genetic makeup for Tony, he got his music and writing career naturally from both Patty and I.  And then with the environment that he grew up in Bowling Green considering the local music scene
brewing for his age group, success in music was bound to happen one way or another.  Luckily, he became friends with band mate and keyboard player, Scott Gardner and his mother, Dr. Marilyn Gardner, a professor at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green.  Dr. Gardner has generously supported these kids and allowed them to used her garage as a practice place and home base for years.  Once Tony and Scott formed several bands together, they finally found the right combination that has skyrocketed them to success in the the world of the entertainment business.  And today, all of us parents, are very proud of our grown children in the band. Tony, Scott, Alex, Justin, Lee and Josh.  I know that I am guilty for shaking the pom poms for them all the time on Facebook and the internet. But that's what parents are for, right? Finally, their follow-up album, "About Last Night" to their debut, "Celabrasion" from a couple years ago, is now out today everywhere on RCA Records.  Congratulations to their hard work that has led up to the glorious day and we thank their manager, Missy Worth of  West Hollywood, and her management
team, and the management team at RCA Records in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville!
    So let's celebrate with Sleeper Agent today as they share their happiness and joy of their success. They will be signing autographs, albums and CD's at the release of the new album at Mellow Matt's Music and More on Smallhouse Road and Broadway Avenue in Bowling Green next to Pizza Hut Take Out and Delivery from 5 p.m.- 6 p.m. today.   They will also play an acoustic set also.  But before that, they will also appear on Bowling Green rock DJ, Tommy Starr's "Rock Show" on WDNS FM Radio, D-93, at 3:45 p.m. Wow, what an exciting day for Sleeper Agent and the Bowing Green Music Scene!

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