Friday, April 12, 2013

Sleeper Agent: The Latest News

     BOWLING GREEN, Ky. _ A lot has been happening behind the scenes for Sleeper Agent, the indie rock band from Bowling Green, Ky, since they came off the road last May.
    After a highly successful debut album release of "Celabrasion" which produced two hit singles, "Get It Daddy" and "Get Burned" as well as three videos from the hit singles and a third video from their popular song, "That's My Baby."  They also toured North America four times and played some major music festivals such as "Coachella" in Palm Springs, Calif., and the "Hang Out Musical Festival" in Pensacola Beach, Fla. Before the spring tour ended, Sleeper Agent made appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show in New York City last March. This past summer the band traveled to a cabin in Eastern Kentucky for a week and wrote several new demo songs for their second album and they continued to work and create new demos this past fall and winter.  Altogether the band created and produced about 25 demos to work with for their new album.  As of 2013, Sleeper Agent now has a new manager, a new attorney and they are no longer on the Mom + Pop Records label but switched over to the mega giant RCA Records label which is owed by Sony Corp.  Their new manager is music industry veteran Missy Worth of Los Angeles who currently manages some of the most successful career bands such as "Rise Against" and "Yellowcard."
    Also during the first part of the new year, Sleeper Agent went back in the studio for their second album and worked with the famous Nashville music producer, Jay Joyce (Eric Church, Cage The Elephant) again who produced their first album.  They will be going in the studio with Joyce to work some more in May.  This week, Tony Smith and Alex Kandel (who are now engaged as of New Year's Eve at Rocky's Place in Bowling Green) flew out to LA with meet with their new manager, Missy Worth and worked with a new and different  music producer, Eric Bass of the mega rock hit group, "Shinedown."  Sleeper Agent will be heading back out to LA soon to continue to meet their management team and work with a couple more new producers for the their next album.  The new album apparently will have a collaboration of producers and they are going for the "radio hits" according to Tony. Also, August Brown, a music writer from the Los Angeles Times, who wrote a story about Sleeper Agent at Coachella last year, wrote a really cool blog about the band this week too.,0,6910718.story
    According to Tony, after the meetings with their manager and management team as well as the new producers, he said things are really gearing up and getting ready to switch gears to full speed.  Most likely he said, they will have their first single off the new album out by this summer and hopefully the album will be out sometime this fall.  Tour plans have not been made yet. (Other band members include Scott Gardner, Josh Martin, Lee Williams and Justin Wilson).

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