Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bowling Green, Ky.'s "Jimmy "D's" Bar-B-Que": Some Damn Good BBQ!

     I haven't written a blog about BBQ in a while.  I just love how BBQ is spelled or displayed in many different ways in our American society-BBQ, Barbecue, Barbeque, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que or even Bubba Chew.  (Being a Southerner, I made that one up-"Bubba Chew."  lol.)  But anyway, lately I have found myself becoming more of a "purest," or more simplified if you will, going more for the straight, hardcore BBQ.  I have reflected myself lately away from the hot sauces and sticking more with the mild sauces.  I am even keeping my menu choices down because of costs, trying to watch my weight and mainly because I want to try taste the full flavor or essence of BBQ that I have chosen to purchase and eat.
   There's one particular BBQ place in Bowling Green that I find myself keep going back to over and over especially when I'm in a hurry.  It's Jimmy "D's" Bar-B-Que located at the corner Scottsville and Plano Roads.  Like Jimmy's motto says on the outside of the building in big letters that hangs over the front door, "It's Habit Forming"  Boy, it sure is. Jimmy used own the grocery store that is located there for many years but he sold it Houchens Industries several years ago and now it's IGA Crossroads Market and Subway.  Jimmy had a reputation for the best steak cuts in the area.  People would drive for miles to buy his steaks.  I know I used to drive clear across Warren County to purchase them. However, after Jimmy sold to Houchens, he retained some of the land where he now has a rental storage business, a car lot and best of all, as far as I'm concerned, a BBQ place!   And he smokes and serves some of the best damn BBQ in Bowling Green and Southcentral Kentucky!
  The only thing about Jimmy "D's" Bar-B-Que, it is not a sit-down style restaurant.  You walk in, go to the counter, place your order, check out, take it home with you, eat in the car or sit at one of three picnic tables just outside the building to eat at.  If all three tables are all occupied (which they usually aren't), then you have to eat it in the car or take it to a park to eat if the weather is nice.  I don't have a problem with it because it's quick and easy. He's got everything in there to choose from.  BBQ beans, several different types of potato salads, slaw, chips, cookies, cooked green beans, BBQ ribs, BBQ beef brisket, jams, candy and etc. There's hundreds of choices and lots to types of foods that are in containers in the big glass coolers as you'll see when you walk in.  It's easy for you to pick from and take home with you.  By the way, I love all of Jimmy's old school, hand written signs on butcher paper.  I think it's dying art form that you don't see many places anymore.
    But my favorite choice every time is just the straight pulled pork BBQ sandwich with mild sauce, a pickle and an onion slice, a small bag of Lays Classic Potato Chips and a 12 oz. can Coke.  You can get all that for under $5 and it will fill you up because Jimmy puts a lot pork on that sandwich.  If you decide to try Jimmy "D's" Bar-B-Que, tell him, "Galen" sent you.  And he'll know who you're talking about!

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