Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bowling Green, Ky.'s Hot Spots: Lost River Cave, Molly Shannon's Irish Pub and Lost River Pizza Co.

    I had to work Saturday morning like most weekends.  However, I did have something to look forward yesterday afternoon when I arrived home.
  One of our new friends who is a Sleeper Agent fan drove down from Lexington, Ky., to go see the movie, "What To Expect When Expecting" starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, with Patty and I.  We have been wanting to see it ever since it came out in May.  Of course, we mainly wanted to see the part where they used a portion of Sleeper Agent's song, "Get It Daddy," in it.  It was a nice little chuck of change for the band and it all goes into the pot.  Seems like they will probably get more nice little gigs like in this future if all goes well.  Apparently, Sleeper Agent continues to be on the up and up which is awesome!  We are really proud of the band as you can probably tell!
   However, before we went to the movie, we decided to show our out of town guest some unique spots in Bowling Green.  First of all, we were all hungry so went to headed on over to Molly Shannon's Irish Pub (formerly Greener Groundz) on Broadway Avenue.  I used to go there all the time when it was a bagel and coffee shop but this was first time I had been there in several years.  I liked the atmosphere and the food and drink was good but I thought menu prices were a little too high.
     After lunch, we headed over to Lost River Cave on Nashville Road.  We didn't have time to take a guided boat tour but were able to go visit the gift shop.  The gift shop is really nice and they have a lot of neat stuff in there. I kept thinking about the early 90's when the organizers of  "The Friends Of Lost River Cave and Valley" were getting things going and raising funds to get the cave up and running as a tourist attraction.  Needless to say, I was really impressed on how far they have come after all these years.  It seems very successful!  My favorite part of the gift show was when I was standing in awe looking up at the flat television screen on the wall and watching this incredible, informative video that they made about the cave.  Also, I enjoyed looking at all the black and white photos of  some of the history of the cave that they had on display.  I thought to myself, "Wow, we are so lucky to have this jewel of a treasure in our on backyard! Also, that we (Bowling Green) are able to share it with the world by luring people of I-65 with the roadside billboard signs outside of Nashville and other places along the infamous interstate." (infamous for all the deaths from wrecks that occur on I-65 especially lately).
   Then we headed on over to see the movie at The Great Escape Greenwood 10 near the Greenwood Mall on Scottsville Road and Campbell Lane.  I liked the movie somewhat.  It was funny at times.  But again, we really enjoyed seeing the part where they used Sleeper Agent's song in it.  It was very exciting to see and especially seeing the credits at the end of the movie on the big screen with the band's name and my son's name up there among the other band members names (Galen A Smith Sr.).
   After the movie, when headed on over to Lost River Pizza Co. on Nashville Road for dinner.  Patty and I have been there several times along with Tony (Galen Jr.) and Alex from Sleeper Agent.  We really like the place because it has a nice family atmosphere and well as a blended mixed crowd.  You have people who go there for the pizza and you people who go there the craft draft beers.  They have a lot of variety of beers to choose from.  The pizza and salads are really good too.  But again, it's a little pricey in my opinion.
   If you want to show to your out of  town some of Bowling Green's hot spots, there's quite a few places to choose from for sure.  And we did not even scrape the tip of the iceberg!

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