Friday, January 6, 2012

My Thoughts On Sleeper Agent's Success In 2011 and The Beginning Of 2012

Regarding my son, Tony Smith and Sleeper Agent's success for 2011 and 2012 in light of the Rolling Stones magazine and the other distinctions that the band has received this past year and in the new year already-Rolling Stone's "No. 14-Best 50 songs of 2011, "Get It Daddy," "No. 2-Rookies Of 2011" and "No. 2-Best New Artists of 2011"--"For me, it's like reverting back to my high school and college days digging the music scene all over again. However, it's a much younger generation of new rock & roll and it's an intriguing feeling seeing it from the inside being a father of someone connected to the music industry. I suppose it feels like a parent standing on the sidelines watching his son playing on the field during a football game. I'm constantly rooting for Tony and his team. And I especially love it when he and his team are winning and I sincerely feel like they are winning at the game of rock & roll at the moment."-Galen A. Smith Sr.

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