Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yellowberri's "SKYe Magazine" Throws Down Local In-Depth Reporting

If you're addicted to your laptop or desktop computer much less your smart phone, now you can read some really good, in depth local reporting about Bowling Green and Southcentral Kentucky via Yellowberri's online "SKYe Magazine."

SKYe Magazine shines a light on our own very interesting local color and culture in the Bowling Green and surrounding areas with some sharp, intelligent reporting. Since Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green offers one of the best up-to-date journalism schools in the country with all the latest technology, SKYe magazine taps into a multitude of young and talented journalists from the university in the areas of print, photography and videography. For me personally, I am intrigued with the amount of good talent that the online magazine displays with its awesome reporting and stories. The videos that are offered are tremendous in quality in my opinion. Whether it be a local rock band performing or a human interest subject being interviewed, the videos in the online magazine are always professionally done and crafted as well as carefully edited.

In this month's edition of the magazine, they offer great pieces on the now-world famous Bowling Green bar and music venue, "Tidballs," and the recent surprise gig by Bowling Green's "Cage The Elephant," "Sleeper Agent" and "Schools," that sold out in minutes without any advertising-only by word of mouth. You can also read about Jordan Speers, a Bowling Green artist, who is headed for the big time with his album art for the debut "Sleeper Agent" CD, "Celebrasion."

Check it out because you won't be disappointed as SKYe Magazine brings out our local culture to the forefront in vivid color and detail on the world-wide web.

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