Sunday, March 13, 2011

Split Tree Barbecue: Looking For That Good Barbecue In Bowling Green and Southcentral Kentucky, Part 1

I drive to Scottsville, Ky., every Friday and I was always see the barbecue restaurant called "Split Tree Barbecue," in Alvaton. I have been meaning to stop there for a while. I've actually eaten there years ago when they were in their old building where there was a real tree in the parking lot that had two large branches growing out in different directions. Of course, eventually the state came in and widened the road and torn the building down. Back then, I had the barbecue plate and it was really good as I remember. Also, through the years, there's been several newspaper stories about the restaurant in the Bowling Green Daily News which always brought back memories regarding my visit there.

Now there is new building and they have a nice sign out front with picture of a tree with splitting branches. But the building is really not new because it's probably been in this location for the last 10 years or so, I'd say. Lately, they have been advertising their "House Special"on the big sign out front. So, that enticed me to stop by to have lunch recently.

The building is really a nice looking building on the outside as well on the inside. As you enter the lobby, you'll all of sudden recognize that familiar sweet smell of hickory barbecue smoke. You'll also notice a lot of people's business cards placed all over the walls on the wooden cross boards. I think this is a tradition that has been going on for years at this restaurant. I walked over to the window where I place my order and I saw Jerome, the owner of the business with his friendly smile. He asked me, "What will you have?" And of course, I said "The house special with a sweet tea, please." I notice Jerome still uses a pad to write the orders on. I'm not quite sure if it's a means of accounting for him regarding the money he has collected or just it's a way to keep track of what he has sold.

The house special was really out of this world! It's basically two corn cakes with their specialty smoked barbecue pork and smothered with their excellent tasting barbecue beans. I chose to sit in the large, airy and bright screened in porch area with a long picnic table in front of the big screen television while I ate. And I loved their barbecue sauce! It's a really good vinegar base type of sauce. It's the kind I prefer. They have several other offerings on their menu too. You can look on their web-site link above to see their menu items.

If you want some good Warren County barbecue, I would highly advised you to stop at Split Tree Barbecue. It's about five miles southeast of I-65 on Scottsville (Ky. 23) heading towards Scottsville . While I was leaving and walking to my truck, I noticed that there were cars with license plates from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. Apparently, Kentuckians aren't the only ones aware of Split Tree Barbecue and the great taste of smoked barbecue that they offer.

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