Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rush: The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

There's going to be a documentary movie at the theaters this Summer regarding one of my all-time favorite "Classic Rock" bands, "Rush"-the trio from the Great White North (Canada) who has been making tremendous, incredible music for over four decades now. The movie, "Rush:Beyond The Light Stage," is going to be showed for one night only (June 10th) in theaters across the United States. I am hoping it will be shown in Nashville which is about an hour south of Bowling Green, Ky., where I live.
My hope for this group who has managed to have mega-hit songs such as "Limelight," "Tom Sawyer," "The Trees," and "Closer To The Heart," just to name a few, is that these guys deserve to be inducted into the "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame." Come on, these guys, Geddy Lee, bass and vocals, Alex Lifesome, lead guitar, and Neil Peart, drums, are incredibly talented, awesome musicians! Seriously! I've seen Rush in concert four times-once in 1979, twice in 1981 and once in 1982 at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tenn., while living in North Mississippi. I also feel that these guys should have won at least one Grammy already. Yes, their music has been labeled for by Rolling Stone magazine for geeks or techno nerds because of their extreme concept albums and album cover artwork through the years as well as their style of rock music. Also, the lyrics that Peart (The Professor) writes are so deep and very abstract with such themes regarding the atom bomb, the human brain and the free spirit of the radio.
It's been said that Rush is a "cult band" with a cult following. Even Lee has admitted this. If that be be it. Then I am part of their cult and I am a follower. Rush songs have been woven in the fabric of my life through the years. I can put a certain Rush song on and certain memories will come flooding back to my mind. Most of those memories involve high school and college. Perhaps, Rush has a way of making us middle-age, baby boomer men and women feel young again. Isn't that the trend with most Classic Rock bands from the past? They make us feel young again. That's probably why that movie, "I Love You, Man" has a character who is about my age or maybe a little younger (from my generation) who is a Rush fan. That's why you see so many Classic Rock bands going on tour again these days especially during the Summer months. They are milking it for all it's worth and I don't blame them. Let's keep knocking on the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame's door to encourage them to open up and let Rush in.


  1. I actually created a facebook group a few days ago called "Rush The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame", before I even saw your blog. If you would please join the group and I can promote your blog and you can promote my group on your blog. If all of us Rush fans come together and make enough noise the fame won't be able to keep Rush out.

  2. I posted your blog on my FB page and here it is again for any readers of my blog:(Copy and pasted on your FB page)!/group.php?gid=116491328388914&ref=ts

  3. I lived in Cleveland for years, and let me tell you, if Cleveland people were in charge of who got nominated, Rush would have been in in the first year or two. It's New Yahkers in charge-- and they elect rap groups and Madonna! OMG do they even know what Rock and Roll is? Apparently not!


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